Keitumetse Brennda Mogoase

I entered the Telecommunications Industry in 2006 in Vodacom South Africa, as a graduate and went through thorough technical and soft skill courses, dating back to GSD until UMTS – as it was called before:-). Post the courses I then did a year course with University of North West which is affiliated with Vodacom which granted me with an NQ 7 level qualification which we concentrated on Leadership and Convergence. Convergence which is what we see today, on mobile platforms, and other technical eco-systems being brought up.

2007-2012 I rotated in various departments, and also then stationed with the Value Added Services operations team as a Specialist for Short Message Services, which at the time was massive in revenue terms, usability and clientele, service person2person, business2person, and I operated the SMS-gateway and ensure service availability and stability was achieved.

2013-2015 I took an assignment with Vodafone Group services and worked on Remedy tool, and shortly got promoted to then lead a team, this assignment broadened my scope in technology and I knew I had to invest knowledge on the architecture too to make a end-to-end view, hence i then took the TOGAF 1 training.

2016 to date I am now leading and working technically in the Identity and Access Management world, which is exciting and falls under Security. This then opens to user privacy, granting access and also dealing with all local markets on standardising the access and providing reports.