Kelly Diamond

A Product person who gets excited about the challenge of working with and removing legacy technology whilst delivering solutions that touch 70% of the UK population… how did that happen?

With a degree in Business Studies and dedicating a lot of the time to a dissertation in Managing Diversity in the Workforce the last place Kelly thought she would be working was within a Technology division, but, she’s never looked back since using technology to solve real business and customer problems.

After completing a two year group strategy focused graduate scheme at Morrisons she landed her first role as Strategic Pricing Manager. An exciting role in the Commercial division competing with the retail discounters but faced with real customer issues she turned to technology to solve them for example ‘Our customers don’t trust our pricing’ and suddenly there was a public price tracker showing the pricing and promotional history as well as market comparisons. It didn’t stop at websites and the idea of price intelligence became appealing, this was her first role within tech (unknowingly).

Moving to Sainsbury’s into a Product Owner role felt natural and Kelly was able to work with scrum teams to develop colleague tools and digital products such as the Food to Order website but she kept noticing a common problem… the constraints of legacy technology. In 2017 a small cross-functional team started looking at the architectural landscape of the commercial systems and a business case was created for a multi-million pound and multi-year programme to commence to remove the largest merchandising system at Sainsbury’s. Kelly was promoted to Domain Lead and has been leading this programme ever since in a purely agile way, slicing and building Sainsbury’s out of legacy with now over 100 colleagues working on this effort and delivering incremental business and customer value. In 2019 Kelly took on a wider remit of products across the 4P’s (product, price, promotions and place) and took the role of Principal Product Manager.