Khadija Al-Selini

Passionate about innovative technology and eager to break into the industry, I undertook placements with leading software companies and attended networking events where I discovered IBM.

Although less than 1% of students in my sixth form pursued apprenticeships, I challenged the status quo and successfully applied to be a Digital Technology and Solutions Degree Apprentice.

Studying at university whilst developing practical experience in my full-time role has rapidly equipped me with the foundations of technical leadership. Through self-directed learning, I strategically honed my application development skills to position myself as one of the seven developers in a project with an investment value of $6m, where I delivered Proof of Concepts for clients to demonstrate the value of Cloud. I leveraged this skill, on top of my day-to-day work, to produce the web portal for a high-profile initiative (The Mayflower Autonomous Ship –, resulting in global recognition for IBM. My performance was recognised by progression into a Software Engineer role for a large banking client, where my direct contributions resulted in securing $15m in signings and revenue opportunities for IBM. I am now managing enterprise client applications and my early promotion is a testament to my continued high performance.

In addition to my career progression, I am an advocate for helping others overcome obstacles, improve their confidence, and succeed in growing their technical skills. This is achieved through 1-2-1 mentorship of women and BAME talent. I’m also recognised for my inputs in driving the wider technical community, which includes leading the front-end work for a global IBM open-source initiative and achieving an invention disclosure for my work. My ambassadorial activities have been recognised by executives as shown by exclusive invitations to roundtables with UKI Technical Leadership panels to share my perspectives on IBM technical strategies.