Kim Diep

Kim is a London-based Software Engineer at Trainline, Oxford and UCL alumna and curates content & workshops to help those breaking into technology and empower those who want to improve their skills at any stage of their career.

Kim is a volunteer Python Coding Instructor and Fellowship Program Mentor with Code First: Girls and a volunteer and ambassador for Women in Tech Club. She is currently focusing on C# programming, .NET Core, Amazon Web Services, Microservices and Event-Driven Systems.

Kim’s software engineering interest was kickstarted by Code First: Girls, where she attended their Web Development and Advanced Ruby courses at Twitter UK and M&S Digital from Autumn 2017 to Spring 2018. Alongside Code First: Girls, early in 2017, she moved laterally from sustainability consulting to technology as a Business Application Consultant tasked with implementing Agile software development for the first time in the company without prior tech experience. She then went on to receive a fully-funded scholarship to attend a 16-week intensive Software Engineering Bootcamp at Makers in February 2019 and a year placement at M&G Plc as part of their fellowship program.

Kim believes that code is more than just a tool; it’s the common thread bringing together different disciplines and ways of thinking. She is open to experimenting with new coding and technology practices and constantly evolving her work to empower the community to think critically about technology. She believes technology can improve social mobility and therefore, we have a duty to provide accessible workshops to all.