Kinjal Dave

A dynamic and creative self-starter demonstrated through my proactive voluntary work.

I am highly motivated and constantly eager to take on new challenges being a former youth councillor elected by the local young people to represent their voices. I joined BAE Systems AI in November 2016. Prior to this I studied Nuclear Engineering at University of Cambridge and Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary University of London. My seniors and colleagues describe me as efficient and motivated who is never happy with second best.

I was successfully selected through a process of interviews for a ten-week long research placement at the NDE Department (Non Destructive Evaluation group) based at Imperial College London. This was a greatly valuable experience as it allowed me to apply my prior knowledge into unfamiliar circumstances while giving me practical laboratory experience. I assisted a PHD student whose research involved high accuracy wall thickness loss measurements using ultrasonic sensors. Performing practical experiments and writing reports on the findings has not only augmented my patience and perseverance but also developed my analytical and evaluative skills. I wrote guidelines on processing metals and safety handling and disposal of industrial chemicals. My role was to design and model a test rig that successfully monitors the corrosion of thickness over time; I optimised the test rig (cutting extra material) so that it could be re-used saving the project a lot of time and money.

Working for a company that values talent and believes in diversity and inclusion has been very inspiring! I have had a pleasure of working on a wide range of projects during my time at BAE Systems AI. I was a PMO (Project Management Office) for the Export Control Programme. My main objective was to Co-ordinate with the PMs to maintain adherence to the reporting cycle. I took charge of articulating on-boarding procedure for new starters which involved. The Export Control Co-ordination Programme has the strong focus of the CEO and is being run by the Office of the CIO to co-ordinate activities across the in-scope businesses. AI/EITS have been engaged to provide support for the transformation through the delivery of shared services that can be consumed by the various businesses. I articulated on-boarding process for new starters which involved

• Designing of an internal software tool – IT glossary (where any new acronyms relevant to the project could be stored) and a My IT requests tracker (where both software and Hardware requests can be stored internally and tracked as a database for increase in accountability and efficiency)
• Designing and Implementation of a new framework – weekly reporting of the status reports to view the progress made by all the project managers on the team.

Recently, at BAE System I was a part of a highly specialised team of scientists working on High Power Systems and directed energy systems. My work predominantly involved computing and modelling of dielectric properties of different materials. I supported the delivery of ceramic material under the research programme for power generation. This included rigorous testing and 3D modelling of the material. I lead the testing team as I took the initiative to run computer simulations followed by test rig designs and physical testing of the material under various conditions (power, temperature etc.)