Kiran Bal

From a very young age I was actively encouraged by my parents to focus on STEM subjects which led to me studying Information Systems at Uxbridge University.

Coming from an Indian background, there has always been the added pressure to pursue a career in a subject which is respected by our family and also where I could eventually progress into a leadership position.

I left University and started my career at an Allied Irish Bank where I supported the UK Head of Data Governance in developing data quality business rules and scorecards as well as implementing a data governance structure from scratch. This is where I really built my passion for data and realised it was where I would focus my career in. I was blessed to work for a very strong female manager who ended up mentoring and coaching me throughout the early phases of my career. She was someone who I aspired to be and a great role model.

I then went on to spend a few years working in smaller consultancy firms where I worked on developing my data analytic skills in SQL, SAS, Teradata and various other tools such as the MS packages SSRS, SSIS and SSAS. I then finally joined the FSO Advisory practice at EY in 2012 where I focused on building out my regulatory compliance knowledge by leading data governance and data strategy engagements for Basel II, Solvency II, BCBS 239, S166 and IFRS 9 programmes. Since joining EY, I have been able to work across sectors such as Banking and Insurance with my focus always being in data. I’ve continued to use my technical skills in understanding data complexities along with using my softer skills such as programme and risk management to lead data work streams within multi-million pound engagements.