Kirsty MacGregor

During university I worked for a medical company selling high-tech medical devices, this job started in the office but after a short while I had worked up to being in the worldwide sales team and flew around the world to medical conferences. This job was a real eye opener to the working world and I found my interest to understand the technology and using this understanding to sell more effectively than the sales men in suits. After all, we were selling to Doctors and they were interested in how it worked too. At this early stage I was also introduced to networking, the idea of selling yourself and ‘leaning in’.

I graduated with a degree in Economics from Sussex University, with a keenness to learn and have some money in my pocket for the first time. After leaving University, I applied to a number of consultancy companies and chose IBM for its interesting acquisitions of small tech firms as I had thought this is how new technology is born and IBM would be able to leverage this interesting technology on a global scale. And I could help! This turned out to be true and I have spent the last 3 years learning and growing my interest in technology. I have developed into a Project Management role and I feel I have a natural bent for leading teams.