I am a Senior Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. with over 11 years’ experience in developing enterprise systems for Financial Services. The group I am working in is responsible for building the best-in-class tools for our Software Engineers, so they can focus on building great products. My primary role is responsible for building out our strategic platform that allows our 35,000+ Software Engineers to ship code to the public cloud. I also enable the team by playing the role of a Scrum Master to ensure Agile principles are adhered to and our sprints can run as efficiently as possible. Prior to this, I held Software Engineer positions at various companies including Deloitte.

I moved myself and my family from India to Scotland over a year ago and have been taking every opportunity to get the most out of it. Outside of my day job I like to bring Software Engineers together to create communities of practice and promote Glasgow as the place to be for working in technology. I also enjoy raising cultural awareness across the company by bringing our employees together for events such as Holi, Diwali and Eid.