Krista Hyer

Before starting her career, Krista already had a basic knowledge of software development from her strong engineering background, having completed a Master’s degree from Imperial College London in Chemical Engineering.

After graduation, she left engineering to work in the Telecoms industry for several years as a back-end developer. Due to the extremely high availability necessary in the telecoms industry (five-nines), coupled with the high load that must be handled, she gained strong experience using compiled languages and exercising good development practices to meet these requirements.

With the goal of gaining experience in a wider set of technologies and industries, Krista moved into consulting and is now a Senior Software Engineer at Oliver Wyman. She has worked in the Finance, Energy, and Retail industries, utilizing a wide range of languages including Golang, Python, JavaScript, and CSS.

Throughout her career, she has held additional roles outside of development. For example, she has acted as a scrum master on one team for a year, leading sprint meetings. On another team, she was the testing lead, with responsibilities such as managing the release testing. This cemented her love of testing and since then she has worked continuously to promote the best testing practices possible on her own projects as well as throughout her company.