Kristy Merson

Kristy Merson is a Solution Engineering Manager at Salesforce and President of the UK Salesforce Women’s Network.

Having taken an unconventional path in her own career, Kristy is a firm believer that to build a diverse pool of future leaders, we need to seek out the qualities in people that will make them successful. She is passionate about women’s employability and the huge impact that even the smallest of actions can have on someone’s life, which is why she actively supports organisations such as SmartWorks and STEMettes.

Her journey in tech began in 2007 when as head of a regional business for a global company, she was approached by her Global COO to take part in the steering committee for a new technology solution to be rolled out to their 50+ offices. So impressed with the impact of this solution, she self-taught, certified and went on to own this technology for the company and subsequently for others.

Joining Salesforce in 2016, her current role sees her partnering with some of the most exciting businesses in the UK, across a variety of industries, and helping to design solutions that enable them to better connect with their customers.