Ballerina became passionate about technology and aviation. When I was a teenager, I started to co-manage a family owned internet cafe and immediately became curious about the computer and the newly emerged thing, called internet.

I would describe myself as a self-starter who did not hesitate to build her own life as soon as it was possible, by leaving a subject area dominant by women and becoming the only girl in the classroom at the age of 14. I have then graduated university as a Business Information Technologist.

My true calling for aviation started during a semester in Sweden, where I took the advantage of applying to a Transportation course. That experience led me to specialise myself in that industry by completing a post-graduate programme in London.
Among my many previous work experiences, I am the proudest of my first job in my profession at T-Systems. Here I was active as Junior IT Consultant from my 2nd year at university. My main duty was supporting a new reporting system as a developer.
Currently I am a Technology Consultant at Deloitte. I have been focusing on next generation data management technologies. I have been involved in engagements like, implementing Hadoop data platforms and developing data virtualisation solutions.
In the past year, I have been working in one of the most innovative part of the firm, our collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies, where we combine their Formula 1 thinking with our industry knowledge and analytics capability to solve complex client problems. More specifically, I am the Data Specialist on our Airport Operations Performance concept.

In addition to the above, I’m the Learning and Development Lead of my area and also focusing on building stronger awareness around female talent. Outside of the firm, I’m mentoring sixth form pupils to ensure they choose a right career path.