Krittika D'Silva

I am currently a Gates scholar and PhD student at the University of Cambridge studying Computer Science. My PhD research focuses on machine learning applied to spatio-temporal urban mobility models.

For my undergraduate studies I pursued a double degree in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering and worked in three research labs. I designed devices to improve prosthetic sockets for individuals with lower limb amputations, built software for low resource settings, and examined ways to use DNA molecules for long-term data storage. I received the Outstanding Senior Award in Computer Engineering, UW Presidential Scholarship and CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Finalist for my research work.

In 2015 and 2016, I interned as a Software Engineer at Google. In 2015, I built Android animations for the infrastructure underpinning many of Google’s Android applications. In 2016, I worked on the Chrome team and built a number of features for Chrome’s default media controls.

In 2018, I worked at the United Nations Pulse Lab in Indonesia, an innovation lab formed within the UN to harness data science insights for policy. I used mobile phone data to model the impact of natural disasters in the South Pacific to support future disaster relief efforts. A report on my work was presented to the government of Vanuatu to support their policy efforts.

In 2019, I worked at NASA in Mountain View, California using AI to support medical care in space. NASA deep space missions will require advanced medical capabilities, including continuous monitoring of astronaut vital signs to ensure optimal crew health. My research examined how we use biosensor data collected from NASA analog missions to train AI models to simulate various medical conditions that might affect astronauts.