Krupali Bhagani

Being one of the few females on the Computing course at University, it was hard to grasp the concept and feel motivated or have a role model to aspire to.

Nevertheless, my final year project was a prototype of a collaboration platform for John Lewis Oxford Street.

From then on, I discovered a passion for coding. Computer club for Girls began in February 2013, where I amongst a group of females created a weekly computer club at our local school. This initiative allows the girls to engage in various topics of interests ranging from coding to spreadsheet skills. The club has now been running successfully for over 6 years and still remains a pillar to the community and mentors alike. This inspired me to also begin a Saturday coding club (bi-monthly) during the same period. Each coding club, 75 children experience a range of activities from Scratch, HTML, Python and Micro-bits. Over a 1000 different children have attended the club over the 6 years.

Having had the experience of running coding clubs, I became the Director of Coderdojo London, a non profit organisation have built up a network and skills, where I present at conferences about our journey so far. Recently I was also appointed Chair of British Computing Society, Central London Branch. I organise events, speak at various conferences and engage in panel discussions. My passion is to be the role model that I never had.