Kulvinder Panesar

I am Dr Kulvinder Panesar. I am highly motivated, driven and strategically focused senior computing professional and an academic for over twenty years.

My current role is a Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at the School of Art, Design and Computer Science at York St John University, and joined in January 2018. My PhD title: ‘a linguistically centred text-based conversational software agent’, and was awarded in August 2017. It was multi-disciplinary spanning agent thinking, linguistics, computer science, computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), knowledge representation (KR), Semantic Web (SW), and artificial intelligence (AI). This research work was a response to explore the long-standing issue within natural language processing (NLP) conversational software agents (CSA), to investigate and refine the accuracy of the interpretation of meaning to provide a realistic dialogue to support the human-to-computer communication.

My teaching experience is underpinned by Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), assessors’ award and more recently fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, composing fifteen years of undergraduate and eight years of postgraduate teaching. Further, my final year project and postgraduate supervisory has been eight and three years respectively. Teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) topics include: software engineering design patterns and development; final year and master projects, systems analysis, computer science topics, management information systems and strategy; enterprise computing and e-ecommerce strategy solution, databases and networks. Additional TLA plans for 2019-2010 include mathematics for computer scientists, data science and artificial intelligence. Additional roles include: course directorship for BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering; module leadership, project supervisor, placement co-coordinator; ‘study abroad’ academic advisor and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassadorship.

In the wider research and development space, NLP in AI, meaning and knowledge representation in conversational software agents continues to have exciting revelations due to advances in technology with AI benefits (and challenges), in particular in the Chatbot era, and hence I am continuing post-PhD activities. These include internationally based outputs such as book chapters, journal articles and conference proceeding papers – development work supported by scholarly activities in AI, advanced machine learning and cloud solutions. I am very keen to engage in research programmes (groups) in this area, and thus to inform research-led teaching in the next few years. As a regular attendee at meetup.com group, I enjoy local technical events, participating in discussions and pursue networking links.