Before attending university, I primarily took humanities subjects, but I enjoyed learning Mathematics the most due to my interest in problem solving. When it came time to choose a major, despite lacking a scientific background, I still decided to pursue a degree in Information Management and Information Systems due to the variety of tech-related courses including database management and algorithms. After entering university, I had to spend a lot of extra time studying because my foundational knowledge differed greatly from my classmates in the same major. Fortunately, all my hard work paid off and I received a scholarship to study abroad at University of Liverpool for 2 years, which was only awarded to the top 2% of students.

Throughout my degree, I developed a strong interest in big data and AI and so after I graduated I did a Masters in Business Analytics at UCL. This allowed me to take a deeper dive into my passion for technology and I was able to study various courses such as machine learning, ultimately earning my Masters with Distinction. I also worked part-time with a startup to help them showcase their main product, a free platform for university applications to students in schools. I felt extremely fulfilled when the students told me how much they appreciated the technology and it further strengthened my determination to pursue a role where I can really embrace the use of technology.

I applied for a range of jobs using Data Analytics but unfortunately didn’t get any offers. I was however fortunate enough to get offered a job in Audit by PwC where I spent the next three years becoming a chartered accountant gaining valuable experience both in technical accounting and application of my technical skills. This role further showed me that my passion was working with Technology and so I constantly sought opportunities to enhance my technical knowledge and skills. This included a cycle of experience in the data analytics team and working on a few data analytics internal audit projects in the Risk assurance team.

In 2021, I got an offer in the Digital Audit Innovation and Data (I&D) team. Due to having had more focus on technical accounting in external audit I found that my peers in I&D had advanced technical capabilities having been recruited externally from data scientist backgrounds. I dedicated myself to bridging the knowledge gap and obtained certifications in Alteryx, SQL, and Databricks within the same year of joining the new team. My ACA knowledge has also given me vital insight to create bespoke solutions for our clients and I play a key role in closing the gap between external audit and data analytics in my day-to-day job. I have been promoted to Manager since January and now leading an onshore team of 7 people and offshore team of over 10 people. I’m also the market lead for our team and promote the awareness of our technology tools in London and South East regions by organising multiple Tech showcasing events.