I am Lakshmi Enjeti, and I am currently working as a Technical Lead for O2 Priority application at Virgin media O2.

My interest in technology is something that has evolved over years. From a person who found Mathematics very challenging, I was able to turn that around with the support of some wonderful teachers. I enrolled for an Engineering Degree programme in Instrumentation and Control systems, which was an unconventional choice. As a student, I was able to visit workshops in various industries and get a sense of how crucial it was to have the instruments in working order; in order to track the vitals of various industrials processes.

Soon after I completed my Engineering degree, it was arduous to get a break through into the industrial sector as a woman and seek employment. As a stop gap, I started my career working as a customer care executive in the telecom industry. Although it was very different from the career path that I wanted to pursue, I was able to quickly understand the fundamentals of telecommunications which later helped me by providing a foundation, as to this date; all I have worked for, is only in the telecom industry.

With a surge in IT employment within a few months from the start of my career, I was able to commence my journey in software industry with Tata Consultancy services in India. There was a very steep learning curve for me as I never had a background in Computers or Programming. Being inquisitive and fostering a can-do attitude helped me in taking huge strides in learning new technologies. I was one of the fortunate employees who had the opportunity to travel internationally for work on deputation. I spent a couple of years in the United States of America working for various clients in the Telecommunication sector. The international experience was very enriching and not only helped in understanding the business practices and performances, but also helped me in building confidence to grow further and take on new challenges.

Marriage brought me to the UK, and I continued my career journey here by working for Blackberry. It was through this role; I was able to foray into the world of DevOps which I am very passionate about. It’s also around the time, I stepped into the role of a new parent which brought in its own set of challenges. With two beautiful little girls, continuing in the workforce seemed quite onerous at that point in time. But with the support of my husband and wonderful family, I was able to pursue my career by working with multinational companies. I had the opportunity to further hone my skills, by building experience in leveraging infrastructure as a code and CI/CD pipelines with hands on experience in supporting, automating, and optimising application deployments on various cloud computing platforms.

I joined my current company Virgin Media O2 in 2019 as a DevOps Engineer, working for O2 Priority, the brand loyalty app, where I support my team in delivering new features to the customers in an efficient and reliable way through agile software delivery. As a self-starter and a team player with extensive experience in leveraging infrastructure as a code, Cloud Computing and Automating Processes, I adopted a growth mindset and was keen to contribute beyond my assigned roles and responsibilities towards the success of the team and growth of the organisation. I was recently offered a Technical Lead role after a competitive selection process.