IMC’s 10-day trading challenge for today’s brightest minds kicks-off today, with a £20,000 cash prize, a £20,000 donation to Ocean Cleanup – plus your chance to start your career at a leading investment organisation.

Today, Prosperity, the world’s most elaborate trading challenge, from the innovative trading firm IMC, is officially live. In this 10-day market simulation, students from around the world are challenged to put their trading skills to the test, by combining basic Python skills, strategic insights and analytics to out-trade their competition on a virtual market. The winner becomes the IMC Global Trading Talent of the Year and receives a £20,000 cash prize. In addition, IMC will donate the equal amount to The Ocean Cleanup in the winner’s name.

IMC launched Prosperity, after a year of being in the making, as a new approach to reach out to talents from around the world, especially those that may have not even considered a career in trading before. With this challenge, IMC has demonstrated a new take on traditional talent recruitment, offering players the opportunity to not only win a cash prize but to experience firsthand what algorithmic trading entails. The winner will be announced at the end of this 10-day challenge on March 30th.

Join the challenge

Students can join until March 28th, when the final round of the challenge starts, by registering via Once joined, participants can enter the dedicated Wiki and Discord server and get in contact and connect with other players.

The Ocean Cleanup

The OceanCleanup is the largest cleanup in history with an ambitious project that aims to rid the oceans of plastic. As well as a prize for the winner of the challenge, IMC will also donate £20,000 to help preserve oceans and natural habitats around the world.

About IMC  

IMC is a leading global market maker with more than three decades’ experience and offices in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific. IMC employs more than 1400 talented individuals across offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York, Zug and Mumbai. Their core business is to provide liquidity in financial assets on trading venues, and to deliver the best outcome in value and risk to investors. IMC employs state-of-the-art algorithms, statistical techniques, and innovative low latency technologies to execute their strategies. IMC engages in trading activities on its own account and closely complies with regulatory requirements set by (supra-)national authorities.