Lara Nyman

My entry into computer programming began during my Natural Sciences degree at Birmingham University when I did a module in Linear Algebra and Computer Programming in C++, followed by summer work experience at BNP Paribas, where I used C#. I became extremely passionate about computer programming and took an intercalated year in Computer Science, which gave me a basic grounding in computing. I participated in an internship at Credit Suisse, programming in C#, in the summer holiday before the final year of my BSc.

I joined Credit Suisse in 2014 on their Graduate Scheme. I was able to experience the operational and support side of technology as part of a new core strategic risk system. These environments utilise big data store technology (HBase/Hadoop) and real-time in-memory data management and aggregation. I developed first-hand experience in deploying, managing and operating a big data cluster in production for Front Office use. I also designed, implemented and maintained a range of tools and processes using Javascript with an Angular JS framework.

In 2015, I joined the strategic risk platform team as a Java application developer. This allowed me to gain in depth knowledge of the full end-to-end application lifecycle: development and testing to deployment and monitoring. I became the lead developer for quantitive strategies tooling including designing and implementing of an orchestration queue for user interactions with the system. I have also Implemented RESTful service layers for internal web sites and integrated SSL security for the Quant Platform to protect against cyber security threats.

My role has also given me an opportunity to be Line Manager to a student undertaking a 6-month industrial placement, which has provided me with valuable management experience in teaching Java and mentoring.