It’s not every day that your tech skills can help protect national security, but that’s exactly what you’ll do if you join the UK’s Intelligence Services. Here, your work has a different kind of impact, and it’s one that affects everyone.

Collectively we’re the UK’s Intelligence Services, but we’re made up of three different agencies that all act and use technology in different ways.

MI5 keeps the country safe from serious threats like terrorism and attempts by states to harm the UK, its people and way of life. They carry out investigations by obtaining, analysing and assessing intelligence, and then work with a range of partners, including MI6 and GCHQ to disrupt these threats.

MI6 are the UK’s secret intelligence service, and they work secretly around the world to make the UK safer and more prosperous. They focus on developing foreign contacts, gathering intelligence, and navigating any risks to the UK’s national security, economy and military. They also work to resolve international conflict and prevent the spread of weapons.

GCHQ are the UK’s intelligence and cyber agency, protecting the country using cutting-edge technology, technical creativity and a wide range of partnerships. They use our capabilities to work against terrorism, cyberthreats, and serious and organised crime. They also play a crucial role in giving the UK a strategic advantage and providing support to the military.

We might be three agencies, but we’re united under one mission – to protect the UK. Technology is central to this goal, which is why we’re always looking for people with different talents, skills, and perspectives to join us.

Latest Vacancies:

Data Engineer – MI5 & MI6

Location(s): Central London or Greater Manchester Area

Salary: £55,107 – £57,495 London (dependent on skills and experience)

Salary: £55,448 Manchester

Flexible Working: We support full-time, part-time, compressed and flexible hours. We’re committed to offering remote working in our organisation, however, our ability to do so is dependent on role requirements and business need.

The Role

Technology sits at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to disrupt serious threats to UK national security. We’re looking for Data Engineers to take on a more senior role within multi-disciplinary product teams and provide technical direction and mentoring for less experienced colleagues, working alongside product owners, business analysts and agile delivery colleagues to build and run secure applications and products. You’ll play a vital role in a team that ensures MI5 and MI6 can stay ahead in an evolving digital world.


Service Delivery Manager – MI5

Location: London

Salary: £48,602

Flexible Working: Full time, part time and compressed hours are feasible. Hybrid working is supported, with the possibility of working at home or in another workspace for a percentage of the week.

The Role

As a Service Delivery Manager you’ll work in a small, lively team to help shape efficient and flexible service management. Working in a key role in an innovative section of our business, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact on our daily operations.

You’ll handle tasks as unique as the solutions we create. Engaged in all aspects of service management, you could find yourself involved in incident, risk, asset, or change management one day, to ensuring the seamless transition of new services into our regular operations the next. No matter what project you’re on, you’ll always collaborate with customers to process model improvements as you make any necessary changes.


Software Engineer (Data Scientist) – MI5

Location(s): Greater Manchester, Central London

Hours: Fulltime – flexible/remote working available (can be limited, subject to business needs)

Salary: Central London £57,495 to £65,792 (depending on skills, experience) Greater Manchester £55,448 to £63,341 (depending on skills, experience)

Flexible Working: Available (subject to core hours and business need), as well as term time and part time working patterns (minimum coverage of 3 days). The role is primarily office-based, with regular opportunities to work from home for personal development and research (around one day a week, on average).

The Role

As a Software Engineer, you’ll be at the heart of MI5’s strategic approach to tackling the vast, complex data and threat landscape. You’ll be at the forefront, developing software to help us identify threats from data, efficiently and automatically, using machine learning.

This isn’t a typical software engineering development role because it’s designed to help you move into Machine Learning. You’ll work in agile teams on a variety of projects, with many data types. You’ll also be part of our wider product team of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and Software Engineers, turning mission challenges into software solutions. It’s all part of a big collaborative effort that keeps growing as we do.



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