Laura-Ann Hanson

I am an experienced Senior Manager in Technology Consulting, working with financial services companies.

My focus is on Lean-Agile thinking, culture-led change and operational and digital transformations. I have spent much of my career delivering large-scale digital and core system transformations. My “secret sauce” is a combination of understanding front-end to back-end technology systems, experience in implementing agile methodologies and insurance product knowledge to ensure successful transformations. I have achieved the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 5.0 program consultant (SPC) designation and I am certified to lead organisations through a Lean-Agile transformation at scale by training, coaching, facilitating and mentoring teams.

On a personal level, motherhood nearly broke me. My son was born in May 2019, and I returned after 6 months maternity leave. I struggled with my return – literally crying on my daily commute in the Tube (awkward!). I was diagnosed with postpartum depression a few months later when I reached a breaking point. I took additional leave in order to heal and returned in August 2020 with a solid transition plan. I’ve shared my story with many people which has required a deep vulnerability to speak openly about mental health, coping mechanisms, what has worked and what hasn’t, so that others feel that they’re not alone. I am now inspired to help others through these difficult phases. My goal is to build an inclusive community where problems are shared openly and without judgment or shame and where support can be provided.