Starting my career in Travel and moving recently into Logistics/Supply Chain, I’ve always have a passion for Operations and Technology.

I have had the good fortune due to working in Customer, Travel and Business Operations focussing on process improvement and system optimization, to have access to help build, implement and improve different tools.

Having worked in both large companies/corporations and Start Up/Scale Up businesses, I have dealt with both industry-wide recognised tools and inhouse bespoke tooling, which enabled me to have a broad skillset across many systems and the ability to bring learnings from those – both good (sharing best practise) and bad (helping to mitigate future challenges).

At first it was quite daunting feeling like the only woman in the room, but through different experiences and teams, I now don’t even think about it. I’m proud that whilst at first I may just listen and learn.. I soon become one of the loudest and respected voices in that room.