Laura Flannery

I am a senior product manager at the Government Digital Service (GDS) with eight years of international experience working across several industries in the public and private sectors.

I’m at my best when leading multi-disciplinary teams using insights gained from user research and data analysis and making informed decisions that solve complex problems. I believe that user-centred design has the power to transform industries.

My career in technology began when I worked on the SEO team for Twenga, a price comparison website in Paris. After that I worked for a public affairs company in London before moving to Dubai where I worked on the user experience team at Emirates. From there I moved back to London and started working at GDS.

I am also a chair of the GDS Women’s Network and as such I am an advocate for gender equality and endeavour to influence change at the most senior levels of the organisation. I lead and work with a network of colleagues who strive to create a community of people committed to tackling inequality, where women can thrive in their working environment, reach their career potential by having access to the right training and support, and are paid fairly for the contribution they make.