Laura Gemmell

While working as a Data Analyst, I took the Code First: Girl’s Beginner’s course in 2014. I went on to do a few other courses before becoming an instructor (which is something I enjoy so much, and has helped my presentation skills amazingly).

I continued to teach myself coding, and applied for a job as an Innovation Analyst at Worlday (where I already worked) – this role is part developer, part creator, part tech evangelical. It’s basically a whirlwind of awesome new ideas and learning new skills. A lot of my work is around topics like Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things. I began to worry that I was becoming a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ and I became obsessed with how robots are going to be such an important part of our future. During research for a project on the legal issues when robots start to pay each other, I found this amazing PhD which I never thought I would get on (I mean it’s not like I am actually a developer or know anything about robotics or anything… silly imposter syndrome).

However, I did and I’m now studying a four-year PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Bristol Robotics Laboratory (it’s split between the University of West England and the University of Bristol). Luckily, Worldpay have been beyond supportive and have offered me a (very) part time role which I can work around my studies.