I started my career in technology project management but realised it wasn’t for me. I longed to do something my technical and customer facing. I struggled to change careers as my CV showed experience in project management and not development. So I used the power of social media, I made demos and filmed them of my technical skills, which gained lots of traction and lead to me gaining a job as a developer.

Since then I’ve become a solutions architect at AWS, and one of my greatest passions is helping junior staff and mentoring them as I know how hard it can be to gain a footing in this career. I set up the first public sector solution architect intern program in the UK and managed that successfully.

Day to day I enable customers to turn their problems into technology solutions. My approach is that no one buys tech for the services, they want to solve a problem, and so I work with them to translate that problem into a defined technological solution.

Part of my approach is upskilling customers and anyone who wants to learn more about architecture. I have hosted workshops across Europe for 100s of people teaching them tech skills, and have given talks at tier 1 conferences across the globe to 1000s of people. I also set up a fortnightly Twitter Space series of architecture patterns to teach people remotely and reach people in new ways.