After graduating with a first class economics degree, Laura spent 6 years working in Strategic Projects for The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Her main focus was on designing and implementing strategies to improve the bank’s support for entrepreneurs. This included the bank’s flagship award-winning, multi-million-pound Entrepreneurship Strategy supporting 5,000 entrepreneurs over 5 years. She also worked on a collaboration lead by MIT University with UK government, corporates, universities and entrepreneurs to design a pilot programme for UK high-growth businesses, Growth Builder. Laura launched and delivered this pilot programme supporting 48 high-growth entrepreneurs with a combines turnover of £225m. Laura left the bank in 2017 to take a year out to travel after which she joined GTN as their second employee in March 2018.Laura is the sole operations staff member at GTN looking after the day to day operations at the business to allow the team the build such impactful technology.

Outside of her day-to-day role Laura lead the Community Leaders network at RBS and launched a crowd-sourced innovation programme within the bank resulting which directly contributed to the launch of ESME, a key pillar of the bank’s digital strategy. Laura has volunteered as a London Ambassador for Start-up Grind for 4 years, lectured at Imperial University Entrepreneurship Summer School and was names one of Brummel Magazines Women in the City Innovators in 2016.