Laura Price

I joined O2 in 2012 and found an incredible passion for technology and love of teaching our customers.

Beforehand I was a fresh graduate from university in an unrelated degree to anything tech related but I was eager to get stuck into a new project. After a year as a Sales Advisor I moved into the Guru role which is completely specialist. In this role I educate our customers on a one to one basis on how they can utilise tech in their everyday lives: by sharing how to keep themselves safe, comfortable and connected with their friends, their family and the larger online world. I also assist with overcoming technical challenges. This role allows me to support people from all walks of life, from the most tech savvy, to those with assisted needs.

My favourite part of the role is getting people from all age generations passionate about technology. I feel our charity partnership with the NSPCC is a fantastic aid to get kids involved and assist them with their independence. It’s almost addictive seeing how it makes people feel and the impact it has on them personally.