Laura Rutter

After graduating with an honours degree in Business Management and IT in 2006, I have had a few different job roles which have all be in very male dominated fields – starting with Recruitment in the construction industry, then moving to Investment Banking, followed by various Sales Consultant roles within areas such a Bovine genetics and Chemicals.

After building experience in different roles I joined Atos in 2009. As I have always been interested in technology and going back to the roots of my degree subject I finally started a career in IT. Even as a child I would pull apart calculators to see how they worked and later went on to building gaming PC’s back – this in the day where a group of friends playing computer games together is now referred to as ‘a LAN party’ as we did not have internet available for gaming at that point in time. I have worked my way up in the company in various roles such as Incident Management, Team Leader and now I am Deputy Head of Digital Workplace. I manage a large team of Technical Engineers, Architects and Project Managers which currently has very few women. I have been very actively involved in addressing this, supporting and working to try to inspire women both internal and external to the company. I have managed teams for many different technologies over the years, I enjoy working with technology as it changes constantly and I am always amazed at what it can do. This is why I have been so passionate working to encourage more women and girls in to IT careers to address the gender balance and share the work that I love to do. I strongly believe that creating a gender balance and equal opportunity is incredibly important. I enjoy helping the next generation of women coming into the workforce to understand opportunities available to them and supporting them reach their potential. I joined Atos Aspire gender network 5 years ago getting involved in running webinars, organising charity events and attending training sessions externally to learn about how to support other women in the business as well as build on my own career and after displaying such a passion for the initiative I was asked to become a Co-Chair for the network to build on the work to support women in the business, provide advice for HR policies, help build training plans and creating mentoring programmes with webinar series to support career development.