I have worked in marketing for years! The profession has seen, like many, a revolution enabled by advancements in digital technology. Marketing used to be the ‘fluffy’ function which made things look pretty. What I love is how it’s now intrinsically linked with technology. It’s about innovation, automation, AI and analytics……a world where technology can help marketers track from campaign to sale.

My career has evolved a lot over the years too. After initially working at a SME, I have spent the last 13 years at PwC. During this time I have had the opportunity to work on lots of exciting projects – from leading the firm’s campaign on the impact of digital technology on business, to more recently implementing our first Marketing Automation platform. I have always looked to innovate and test the latest tech, share what worked and what didn’t and encourage new approaches to marketing as a result.

It’s the last 18 months leading our Salesforce Marketing Cloud project that I have been on the most incredible learning journey, all whilst working alongside an amazing female core project team and a wider consulting team that also included fantastic men as well! This has been a sizable investment for our firm and one I believe will transform the way we go to market. I am so proud to have led it to launch and overcome many technical challenges along the way, through to the change management programme that now supports it and its future development roadmap.

I want to continue to learn as much as possible about Marketing Automation and other new marketing technologies as I move into a new role building the firm’s first digital marketing team, and to share my experience with not just our people, but our clients who are embarking upon their own journeys.