In 2017 I joined Lloyds Banking Group straight out of university on the Digital Graduate Scheme, having just completed a BA in English Literature at Newcastle University.

I completed multiple placements in different business areas, before moving into a permanent role in Natural Language Engineering after nearly 2 years. My role there was working as a Business Analyst however I had a keen interest in Data Science. I upskilled in data science by taking an evening course to learn to code and build models in Python. From there, I was given the opportunity to move into a permanent role as a data scientist in my business area. Alongside my new full time role, I undertook a 2 year part time MSc in Data & Analytics to upskill further in data science and data analytics, as I had not studied this at university and so felt I needed to learn more about the field.

Now, I lead a small team of data scientists, focussing on Natural Language Processing, to understand and segment customers more using unstructured data. This new insight is then leveraged to improve customer experience and customer personalisation, improving the business as a result.