Lauren Wright

I am currently lucky enough to lead the ‘Data, Advanced Analytics and Insights’ team; a team entrusted with helping improve business performance through data led decisions within Lloyds Banking Group.

In this role I get to actively encourage my team to positively disrupt, continually rediscover, innovate, and evolve the art of the possible through their skills and capabilities. We champion, actively experiment and trial new ideas and technologies & develop end to end products which bring value to our colleagues. I’m fortunate enough to have a role where I can use my passion for exploring new technologies and ideas, and bring people on these, sometimes complex, journeys with me. My path to where I am now has been relatively winding, I didn’t envisage I’d end up in the job I am, working at a bank creating data products, in fact, for the longest time I didn’t think of myself as a data or tech person at all despite working for years in engineering and data roles. Truly at school, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do, I just knew as a bit of a rebel (then and now) I didn’t want to close myself off to anything, so I picked a variety of STEM and Creative subjects.

I went to an all-girls school, so it never occurred to me when I picked my degree or embarked on my career firstly in Nuclear Engineering and more recently in the Banking Sector as part of LBG, that I’d end up often being a lone female. At times it did feel pretty lonely but I’m in the fortunate position now where I’ve found my passion and my niche surrounded by people that share my enthusiasm for data, being creative and maybe sometimes a bit disruptive…