As a young student, I was unsure what my future career path would be and have always struggled with the question of what you want to do in the future. For me, it was always about finding something I am passionate about and making sure I do a good job.

As I am business-focused and have a creative side, I started my career in consumer marketing, but quickly shifted towards business-to-business technology, to experience and improve my understanding of different industries and business models. After moving into infrastructure services, I soon realised I was passionate about cyber security, and ended up spending several years developing and introducing bid and proposal best-practices, content, and a process to support security teams with proactive deals and competitive proposals. Today, I enable organisations to make more informed decisions in cyber risk management, through the application of cyber risk quantification analysis.

I’m motivated by business strategy, continuous learning, making a difference to organisations, and using technology to accelerate growth. I consider myself an instigator and pioneer for bringing diverse individuals together and driving ideas forward for positive change. I take a holistic approach to my work, ensuring that the bigger picture is not lost and achieving business outcomes.