Like Minded Females

Like Minded Females (LMF) is a female empowerment and diversity network founded in May 2018, which has enahged with over 14,000 people, hosted 40+ events and been recognised for 2 national awards within the first quarter.

Founded from a place of low self esteem and mental health, the founders wanted to create a community which was accessible, affordable and most importantly empowered Females to break the status quo throguh actionable workshops and life skill sessions.

Some of the organisations LMF have worked with to lead social change include a Vodafone, Taboola, Santander, Royal Mail, KHWS, Osaka Labs and the British Embassy in Lithuania. Their diversity initiatives have been recongised globally, inviting the founders
to lead a workshop on AI and gender in Budapest and keynote how we can use Tech to build inclusive communities in Lithuania. In Lithuania, LMF was awarded a diversity award and personally invited by the ambassador to lead a worshon on creating inclusive work environments.

Like Minded Females has grown to work with some of the largest global corporations and universities, focusing on leading cultural change through life skill style workshops led by real woman who have broken their glass ceiling.

Specific programmes which they offer include monthly focus workshops, an online slack community, free webinar series on how to manage money, an ebook on female founders and their stories and various articles on tech and diversity and a diversity in tech mentoring scheme.