Lilian is an accomplished and award-winning Software Engineer at a leading global company, recognized for her expertise and contributions to the industry. Despite transitioning into tech less than 3 years ago as a self-taught learner, she has quickly made a significant impact.

Originally, Lilian’s background is in Agriculture and Food Security, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Her diverse educational foundation adds a unique perspective to her work in the tech industry. Undeterred by any challenges or her non-technical background, Lilian’s unwavering passion for the tech industry has propelled her forward, driving her to achieve remarkable accomplishments.

With a strong focus on cloud computing, Lilian thrives on building scalable cloud infrastructure tailored to address complex business challenges with increased efficiency. Her enthusiasm for cloud technology drives her to empower individuals by showcasing the benefits and possibilities it offers. She encourages others to participate in the design and development of sustainable tech solutions in the cloud.

Lilian’s remarkable achievements have earned her recognition, including being named a Women in Software Power List winner by Makers in London. This prestigious award honours her outstanding personal achievements in the software industry and acknowledges her role as a role model for future generations.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Lilian actively gives back to the community by mentoring career switchers, particularly women from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. She provides invaluable guidance, helping them build confidence and develop self-promotion skills necessary for excelling in the tech industry.

Lilian’s dedication to her craft, commitment to sharing knowledge, and philanthropic efforts make her an exceptional individual driving positive change within the tech community. Her impressive journey from a non-technical background into the tech industry exemplifies her determination and serves as an inspiration to others.