Hi I’m Lily, a Transformation Specialist at BT. Physicist turned technologist – I lead on automation in the Network Operations Transformation Team with experience across operations, network and software engineering. I’m passionate about science communication and female representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) careers and am very proud to be a WISE (women into science and engineering) Young Professionals Board member. I am also an experienced mentor, STEM Ambassador and the creator and co-founder of 2sistersinSTEM.com.

My passion for technology and science communication was kick started during my time studying Physics at the University of Bristol. As I was in the minority as a woman on the course, I felt the need to be a visible role model for younger people. During my degree, I volunteered at the science centre We The Curious as a science communicator and worked with Digilocal a business who provide access to laptops to teach scratch and python coding skills to kids through code clubs. Through this my passion for technology grew and eventually I joined BT on the Technology Graduate Scheme. Three and a half years later now I work as a Transformation Specialist in BT’s Fixed Network Operations Centre which monitors and maintains the UK’s critical national infrastructure – without the work the centre does 24 hours a day, 365 days a year the NHS, air traffic control, emergency services, traffic lights and card machines just would not work! The focus of my work is looking at ways to improve and simplify how the networks are monitored and maintained using automation – from digital adoption platforms to robotic process automation to coding microservices to close the loop on processes end to end. I love the variety of the projects I get to lead on and manage! Within BT I am also an active member of BT’s GEN (gender equality network) focussing on the External Engagement workstream.

Outside of work I volunteer my time mentoring students through Avado’s FastFutures programme and Brightside discussing everything from interview prep to CV writing to finding a career path that is right for them. I am also a passionate STEM ambassador talking to students and teachers about the different careers on offer in STEM and the different pathways into the tech industry. I think it is super important to see women working in tech as role models to show to pupils that a career in tech or science is possible for them. I am a proud WISE (women into science and engineering) Young Professionals Board member, recently elected to the board as 1 of only 12 people across the UK and BT’s first ever board member. I am also the founder of the blog 2sistersinstem.com along with my sister Maisie with the aim to inspire young women into pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. We share our stories and experiences with others through the website and our Instagram page (with 1200+ followers).