Technophile is not a word I have ever felt described me particularly well.

I am someone who enjoys “detaching” from the virtual world as much as possible in order to interact with others more organically. But what I do love, is solving problems, and working with people to do so. My current role is as a Business Manager for Digital Intelligence and enables me to do this, in a technological environment. The perk (or disadvantage for some people I suppose!) is that technology is ever changing, ever adapting and this means every day brings with it new challenges and interesting interactions. I am constantly being stretched out of my comfort zone and surprising myself with what I am able to accomplish thanks to the nature of technology. Put simply, the best part of my job is that my focus can be on keeping the people within the business happy, motivated and sufficiently challenged in their roles. Prior to landing in my current role, I have worked in a variety of roles in both Healthcare and Hospitality spaces, in which I also pursued the chance to work with and develop people. Leaving those industries enabled me to gain a healthier work/life balance and reduce burnout, something which I encourage as a priority.