Linda McLean

Following completion of a Masters in Aero-Mechanical Engineering at Strathclyde University, I completed RAF Officer and Engineering training prior to undertaking my first role as a Junior Engineering Officer on V(AC) Sqn, Sentinel.

Whilst on Sentinel, I was the lead engineer for a shift of 50 technicians of mixed experience, responsible for the maintenance of the platform and its ability to meet the tasking requirements. I was fortunate to lead a smaller team on operations on a number of occasions providing key operational output from deployed locations.

I went on to study at National Test Pilot School before taking on the role of Flight Test Engineer (FTE) on the Eurofighter Typhoon which involves designing, managing and analysing tech regimes for new hardware and software, recent examples are the collision awareness system and some new weapons systems. I’m currently the lead FTE on Typhoon providing supervision for other test professionals which is giving me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge base and develop myself and others in my field.

Outside of the workplace, I enjoy playing rugby and have signed with Bradford Bulls Women’s Rugby League for the upcoming Women’s Super League season. I am also a bagpipe player and enjoy doing this in my spare time, a skill which often allows me to bring a smile to other’s faces.