Lindsey Cox

I never knew I wanted to work in technology until I applied for a graduate position at IBM on a whim, and I’ve never looked back!

It never ceases to amaze me the new heights clients can reach with technology as the bedrock, yet I feel passionately that it is still people who really make the magic happen.

I’ve progressed through several roles from PMO and commercials into being a scrum master of a large multi-disciplinary agile team. Working in a fast-paced technical environment gave me an appreciation of the hard work and expertise that goes into building systems that we interact with daily, and the fact that none of it can happen without collaboration and coaching. I grew my role into project management role, driving technical delivery whilst navigating plans, stakeholders and people management. I embedded reuse and best practice at the core, creating tools and templates to enable other IBMers and client staff to learn from my experience and to be self sufficient. I used this leadership role as an opportunity to grow the careers of others, providing junior developers and scrum masters with the platform to learn new skills and grow their confidence. This resulted in the client apprentice in my team being nominated as ‘Rising Star of the Year’ at the 2020 National Apprentice Awards, which was a very proud moment for me!

I’ve been privileged to work on large government programmes, and am proud of the social impact that the technology programmes I’ve led have had on our society, from tracking cows within the EU, to one of the largest payroll systems in the world, to systems that underpin national security. But I am particularly of the team members I have mentored along the way – watching them go from strength to strength has been just as gratifying as delivery.