Lisa Carpenter has a distinguished career in data science and technology, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to data-driven decision-making and technological innovation. She has over a decade of experience, beginning with her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Management & Business Studies from Loughborough University.

Her journey in technology started in 2013, where she served as a Data and Insight Analyst at Litmus. Here, she used her skills in Python, SPSS, SQL, and statistics to deliver insight for high profile FMCG clients, develop relationships across all levels, and train new colleagues on creating Data Analysis and delivering high quality actionable insights.

In 2014, she became an Insight Analyst at Sky IQ. Her role involved leveraging her skills in Logistic Regression, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science to help the company make informed decisions. Her proficiency in these areas enabled her to quickly progress in her career.

Her next role was as a Data Scientist and Assistant Manager at Deloitte’s Forensic Data Analytics department from 2016 to 2018. She honed her skills in Python, Matplotlib, Logistic Regression, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Data Science, helping the company make sense of complex data sets and deliver actionable insights. It was while working at Deloitte, she discovered a passion for helping to develop the graduate talent in their technical and technology skills.

Lisa followed her passion for technical instruction, where she has made significant contributions as a data science instructor and coach. She began teaching at WhiteHat (now Multiverse), creating and delivering the Level 4 Data Analytics course. She is currently the Lead Data Science Instructor at Digital Futures, a company dedicated to improving diversity within the technology sector and increasing the overall level of digital skills within the UK economy. Her skills range from Python, Tableau, SQL, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Logistic Regression, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science.

Despite working in Education, Lisa ensures to continue her own learning in data and technology, so that her teaching remains up to date. She continues to create side projects and proof of concepts for her own enjoyment. She is a strong contributor to the technology industry – giving talks at major conferences such as PyCon USA, Google DevFest and Data Science Festival Live.

In addition to her professional roles, Lisa is also involved in community service and volunteering. She is a facilitator for #IamRemarkable, an initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond. She also volunteers her data skills with the charity DataKind UK, serving as the Lead on the Community Committee, acting as a DataDive Ambassador, and participating in DataDive events.

Her career is characterized by her drive to use her skills in technology and data science to make a positive impact on society, whether that’s through her professional roles, her teaching positions, or her volunteer work. She has consistently demonstrated the ability to use technology to drive meaningful change, making her a standout individual in the field.