I began my career in technology working in anti-piracy intelligence off the coast of Somalia. I developed tools to help gather intelligence on Somali pirate attacks. I then got recruited into British Counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency. I researched the process of online radicalisation by terrorist groups, how they used algorithms to find and target vulnerable people and the risky social engineering process undertaken by terrorist recruiters. I developed advanced skills in intelligence gathering and specific software to analyse intelligence.

I then moved into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units where I got to understand cyber criminals’ methodologies and mindsets. The unit dealt with serious cyber-crime cases working closely with agencies such as the FBI. Victim companies ranged from small to multi-national organisations and almost all the cases involved social engineering (targeting staff).

In 2017 I left the Cyber-Crime Unit to start my own company, Red Goat Cyber Security, with the goal of reflecting the techniques and methodologies actually being employed by hackers. We developed the first and only GCHQ certified social engineering training for staff of all levels. I also developed a social engineering cyber security testing package for organisations. I also offer cyber-attack wargaming to companies all over the world helping them prepare for an attack and survive it. I wanted my company to also offer all of our services on a pro-bono basis to NHS hospitals and charities. These organisations struggle for funding yet their security is paramount. We help them become more secure using our free capacity in exchange for a cup of coffee!

I am an experienced cybercrime keynote speaker. I have been invited to speak at major conferences and events around the world. My blog has had a readership of over 40,000 people and I have 24,000 followers online.