I studied interior architecture and design and during the first years of my professional career, I worked for global design studies, designing luxury hotels and residences for clients globally. My job allowed me to live and work in Germany, Istanbul, San Francisco and London.

I had just moved to London for a new job when I became unexpectedly pregnant. I found myself leaving an abusive relationship with a newborn baby a year later. Being in a new city, with no family and not yet established social network, forced me to work through my lived experiences and also to learn that every decision we make (or don’t make) as a parent has a direct impact on our children and their wellbeing.

I took some university classes to learn more about the impact on children’s mental health. I was always a very tech-savvy and visionary person. I started learning and teaching myself about available technology solutions, I joined different accelerator programs and spoke to many young people to learn more about why current digital health solutions aren’t working. As an interior designer, I am familiar with how your visual environment can influence how you feel. Designing spaces in a virtual environment gives me even more freedom because I can use endless creative ideas while designing environments that have a positive impact on children’s mental health.

I started Maxim VR – a digital health startup that creates non-toxic virtual reality spaces for Gen Z to help improve the mental health and well-being of young people. We are fully boot-strapped and I was able to collaborate with amazing knowledgeable people with different professional backgrounds who are helping to build Maxim VR.