Lizzie O'Meara

I have been in the technology world, via telecoms, for that last 30 years, 21 one of which have been at Vodafone.

My journey has taken me from repairing analogue handsets to defining entire global operating models for a new technologies within the telecoms arena e.g. the advent of Unified Comms and Cloud, as well as being a very proud mentor to some absolutely amazing people across our industry.

My passion has always been enabling a wider audience to understand and consume what is produced/designed, we often fail at making our technology accessible to people by the way we talk, describe and define it. So it has been a mission of mine over the years to not only translate and show the whole picture but make sure people, especially women, feel less threatened by the language and what has predominantly been a male world until recently.

I have spent time in roles that give me many different lenses to how our technology works, sales, operations, product design, delivery to name a few and as such have a very rounded view. Whilst I would not call myself a traditional technologist, I do not code or program, I am a massive champion of making it a comfortable, understandable environment to work in and enjoy. I am absolutely thrilled to be nominated, if not slightly shocked :).