Lois Taylor

My early career wasn’t directly based around technology at all – I moved into a role supporting digital delivery from a background in politics, parliamentary research and public sector policy making.

It’s that experience that shapes my role now. I bring strategic and policy expertise to multidisciplinary teams delivering digital products and services that aim to meet the needs of users. And working for government means those users are a broad group!

I joined the Government Digital Service (GDS) in early 2017 and immediately recognised the change in approach brought by a focus on agile delivery. And not only to how digital tools are scoped and built, but the potential for changing how policy is drafted. In GDS, I started in a data infrastructure team, before working on digital identity and since the outbreak of coronavirus, I’ve worked on the GOV.UK programme. My role often involves unblocking digital delivery using policy levers, but the most exciting part for me is when insights from users and practical technical implementation then shape policy making.

GDS is the first place I saw that happening, but it’s becoming more and more common, which I find really inspiring.