Lola started her career as an intern on a technology summer internship scheme at Barclays. She returned to the Graduate programme the following year after graduating with an MSc Distinction in Information management and Business Technology from Loughborough University. Since then, Lola has worked on a variety of technology & regulatory projects across the bank. She has honed her skills as a Hybrid Business Analyst and Project manager. Lola was introduced to the Agile way of working in her second year at Barclays and has been an advocate ever since, introducing its practices in every team she works in.

In 2016, Lola was promoted to Assistant Vice President and worked as a project manager on the most crucial aspect of the Structural Reform Programme involving the non ring-fenced bank; Core Deposits. Lola worked closely with technology and operations to ensure that adequate technology and operational controls were put in place to prevent regulatory breach.

Lola is currently working as a hybrid Business Analyst/Project manager in the Markets Legal Technology division at Barclays. Her job mainly entails the development of a technology solution to facilitate the continuity of contracts with European Clients of the bank in anticipation of a “Hard Brexit” in March 2019. The Brexit programme represents the biggest, most critical regulatory change that Barclays is implementing currently.

In addition to her day-to-day responsibilities, Lola is involved in numerous diversity and community initiatives. Some of which include mentoring undergraduates entering the world of work in support of a non-profit which aims to support ethnic minorities in securing and excelling in corporate jobs. She is also actively involved with the Barclays Embrace Network’s Black Professionals Forum, leading on the intersectionality agenda which aims to foster collaboration between all the tenets of diversity.