Digital Leaders Week

This morning, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast joined forces to launch the fifth National Digital Week.

The four Digital Ministers for each of the UK Parliaments joined forces to explain the importance of digital transformation in each of their countries and the opportunities it offers to level up public services and business opportunities.

The week, which covers the whole of the UK, is online, making all its content accessible to the whole UK, particularly relevant during a week where the government advice is to remain at home to avoid planned railways chaos.

This is the UK’s biggest gathering of people focused on four key questions driven by digital transformation. However most importantly it is the only Digital or Tech Week in the UK that is truly nationwide. Over 30,000 free sessions have been booked so far by leaders in business, government and charities in the week ahead from across the whole UK.

Speaking about how the UK outside of London has embraced Digital, Robin Knowles, Digital Leaders Founder said, “Last Week saw the focus of the digital community in the UK on London.”

“There is no doubt about London’s importance as a global tech powerhouse, but this National Digital Week shows that digital is now no longer a London led initiative.”

“Every corner of the UK is now leading locally on delivering transformation of businesses and public services.”

“No one is asking London to show the rest of the UK the way anymore.”

“The level of expertise, knowledge and networks outside of the capital means the opportunities for digital growth, skills and participation are being realised nationally and as we say at Digital Leaders the UK is about being #notjustLondon”