I’ve always been a woman in STEM.

When I was 12 I auditioned for Newsround based on an article I wrote imagining the news reports around the first human cyborg!

When I was 18 I left home to study biological sciences at the University of Oxford, a highlight of which was getting access to a scanning electron microscope – it was an analogue machine from the 70s, but it was still the coolest bit of tech I’d ever used! (Tough luck, iPhone X!)

Moving into a creative field after my degree did not stop my tech ambitions:

• In my first role, at AS&K Mercury, I produced interactive video DVDs educating doctors on immunodeficiency diagnoses and treatments
• When I worked in the NHS Lewisham communications team I was responsible for the website and the staff intranet, often using html coding to root out bugs
• When I worked in the NHS Lewisham performance management team I created and maintained basic databases on healthcare KPIs
• One of my first roles at Oliver Wyman marketing was to refresh the CRM data for the Retail team’s business development efforts, and since then my role has been ever more digital.

I now lead on strategic and digital marketing for the UK market, representing on the Global digital marketing team and the Global social media team.

This means I create campaigns that are digitally-led and deliver campaigns built by other teams through Oliver Wyman’s digital channels.