I started out as a Systems Analyst at a large technology consultancy, working to triage technical issues for a high street retailer as they rolled out a same-day delivery service across the country. Although I had very little experience with technology at the time, I found myself fascinated by the different systems I worked with, especially by how they fit together to power our solution. I finished the project with a keen interest in systems integration and a deep appreciation for the pivotal role technology can play in driving business growth through improved customer experience.

After several other positions, I decided to move to Deloitte Digital to focus on bespoke build for UK retail companies. Since joining I have been able to work on a variety of projects, ranging from launching a new ecommerce platform, designing a solution to put customers in charge of their shopping data, and delivering personalised recommendation features. Working closely with both our clients, to understand their business goals, and the build teams, to leverage the underlying technology, I help to align technology and business strategy. In my current role, I manage a build team focused on creating seamless ecommerce shopping experiences. I love seeing how we are able to take the ideas our clients propose, work through different solutions, and build compelling products that our final customers enjoy using.

Before my life as a technology consultant, I earned degrees in Economics and Management from Université de Rennes and Imperial College London. In my spare time, I like to play piano and go to concerts.