Lucy Woodhead

I graduated with a degree in music, but became really interested in technology after working in the digital department of my local government.

I was running a lot of digital and UX projects, but became really fascinated with the code that powered the website and would often ask the developers how it all worked. I had never written a line of code before but took it upon myself to take up a few online courses to experiment with very basic styling and functionality. After a few more digital based roles and a trip around the world, I knew I absolutely wanted to pursue a career in technology! I decided to retrain in programming, and after completing an intensive bootcamp I was able to land my first role as a developer! I worked in a startup and built lots of exciting features, learned new languages and frameworks, and even delved into cloud computing and software architecture. After an amazing 18 months I then gained a role at GSK, where my unique blend of technical skills and soft skills really help to fuel the development of innovative health tech. I love what I do!