Magdalena Krön

Magdalena Krön is Head of Rise London and VP for Open Innovation at Barclays. At Rise, Magdalena is building a community of the most transformative technologies in financial services today. Working closely with over 50 FinTech companies she helps entrepreneurs connect their technologies and businesses with opportunities at Barclays and with Barclays corporate clients.

Magdalena started her professional career in retail management and went on to study a BSc in Information Management for Business followed by a MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship, both at UCL. Focusing on how technologies will disrupt traditional industries she has repeatedly helped organisations build networks that can accelerate innovation.

Magdalena is an entrepreneur at heart and co-founded a company building a flexible workforce application for retail chains in 2012. She was then was presented with the opportunity to work with Capital Enterprise in 2013. Here she co-funded Capital List, a service bridging the gap between investors and entrepreneurs and launched the London Co-Investment Fund. In her current role Magdalena keeps one foot in the startup world and another in the corporate world as she’s facilitating connections between the two.

As a great advocate for improving (gender) diversity in technology she is also the co-founder of the Geek Girl Meetup community in the UK and Singapore. Over the last 5 years Magdalena has helped inspire thousands of women in tech. She has been leading a team with the aim to create more female role models and showcasing their stories, talent and passion on stage through GeekGirl Meetup’s monthly events and yearly conference (check out