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Amy Dickinson is Marketing Director at Open ECX, a leading technology business providing e-trading solutions to the construction industry. Prior to this role, Amy’s background was primarily consumer and leisure focused, with 10 years spent in the hospitality sector. Here, Amy talks about making the transition to construction, and her experience along the way.

I’ve been with Open ECX for almost two years now, and in that time, I’ve developed my understanding of a new industry and its needs. Conscious I didn’t know enough about construction or technology for a role like this, I was apprehensive at first – my background was in the leisure industry and consumer events and when leaving my previous role, I was offered a role in hospitality. The construction industry was one of the sectors I believed could benefit from a more innovative and creative approach, and the time was right to take on a new challenge. Although I was initially worried about the transition, my time in the industry has proven the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Although construction is a challenging environment, I’ve been welcomed with open arms. It was clear my experience was just as valuable in a new industry, and it allowed me to bring fresh thinking to the table. As with any new role, there were learnings to be had and new challenges to face – getting my head around the sector, any obstacles and of course our client base. At Open ECX, our solutions help to connect people across the globe, and we facilitate and support in building those relationships – this has led to me working with some of the biggest contractors in the business and supporting the work they do globally.

I’ve enjoyed every step of my career in construction tech so far – but I still appreciate I’m one of few women in the field. Construction is renowned for being a difficult industry for women, with one of the worst gender pay gaps and only 13% of workers being female. There’s definitely still a lot we can do to ensure women are getting more opportunities, and more importantly the same opportunities, as males in the field.

At Open ECX, 33% of our staff are female, primarily working in the technical and mapping team and we work hard to ensure equal opportunity, regardless of gender. We know a number of other construction companies are also doing the same and this is how we’ll attract more women into the industry, by pushing for that equality and diversifying the sector.

One thing I can say from my time in the industry, is there is no difference between females and males in terms of skillsets – no matter what their role, or what project they’re working on. I feel very lucky that I have had such a great experience in my position, and I love my job – every day is different and exciting, and I get to build some fantastic relationships with our client base.

I would like to see more women welcomed into the sector in the same way I was, and be encouraged to love what they do. Companies are aware there is still more work to do to make this happen, and I hope this means they’ll create more opportunities and roles to absolutely ensure equality is achieved in the near future.

Amy DickinsonAbout the author

Amy Dickinson is Marketing Director at Open ECX – a leading technology business providing e-trading solutions to the construction industry and other associated sectors. With the business for almost two years, Amy’s previous experience was predominantly in leisure, spending 10 years in the hospitality sector.