Malgorzata Zarczynska

I came into technology from a non-tech background.

I studied Music Technology and Postproduction in Film and initially, I was not planning to be a programmer. However, during my university degree I made ipad applications to run my synthesizers and I wrote code for games that proved my Masters thesis. I won the best technical achievement award at the Student Radio Awards for one of my applications.

After university, I found myself wanting to take my career in a different direction. It took me a while to get a job in tech, but initially working in a support role in the ad serving industry I was able to break into Front End Development. After learning the basics, I worked on my own skills after work in my spare time. I built websites, read books and articles to understand more. After working really hard, I got my first job as a programmer and here I am three years later, contributing to advanced development projects at Sky.